Parents Testimonials

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"My 3 month old has been coming here for 2 weeks now and so far it's been very good. The caretakers are kind and at the end of the day I get a detailed report of my baby's activities. The facility itself is very clean and organized. I feel that when I leave my daughter she is getting the attention she needs and that makes my transition back to work a lot easier. I would recommend BHRC to any parent looking for a safe and caring infant day care."
"I love bringing my daughter here.  At first glance, the outside of the building looks a little iffy.  It's Pepto-pink! I almost drove right by without stopping!  However, I went in anyway and met the teachers and the owner of the school and felt immediately comfortable.  It's clean and organized. My daughter started coming here at 7 months. She is turning 1 year in the next couple weeks.  
I base my review on how she acts when I drop her off and pick her up.  She is happy when we arrive...eager to try to ring the doorbell herself, and nearly jumps out of my arms into her teacher's arms.  When I pick her up, she is happy to see me and in a good mood.  Other kids are excited to see her and all say bye when she leaves :)  
The teachers are great - they provide fantastic feedback on the happenings of the day, which assures me that she is being looked after on an individual level.  
I read the other review from a few years ago about the Mr. owner who never says hi.  It's pretty much true. I've tried to smile at him a couple times and he doesn't even react.  It really doesn't bother me though, as he is not directly involved with caring for my girl.  
The fee is very reasonable, and Ms. Betty is very flexible with scheduling your payments.  My little girl has learned so much since she has been here, including how to walk (9 months), feed herself and has learned a ton of words earlier than most other babies we know!  I think the caring environment, good mix of kids ages, and encouragement from her teachers has all been a factor.  
If you are an anxious mom working in the Hollywood area, rest assured you will be happy with this place.  Send me a message if you would like any more info!"
"I really like this school.  My daughter has been going here ever since she was 5 months old.  The teachers really care about the children.  They take care of them well.  They give a full written report everyday of what my daughter did, how much she ate, what time she slept, etc.  
Also, this place is the cheapest one around Hollywood.  The owners are pretty nice too!"
"School provides all the needs of the babies and kids (regular milk for toddlers, rice cerelas for babies, cereals for toddlers, fruits and veggies for snacks). The owner Ms. Betty is extremely helpful to all the teachers and also giving discount if the parents couldn't pay ont ime for their tuitions!"