Admissions and Enrollment

We are proud of our tuition rates.
In fact, we have the LOWEST!!!

Tuition Fees effective Jan. 29, 2024
Annual Registration Fee: $150.00 yearly (to be paid on child's anniversary date). This pays for children's workbooks, arts and crafts,  administrative work, office supplies, office utilities (telephone, internet, etc..) CCLD annual licenses, Fire clearances and earthquake drills/upkeep.

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*A $10.00 per week will be charge for late payment of tuition fee. *

**Payment for full-time students are continuous weekly even when child is on vacation. If full-time spot is given up, the child's spot is automatically available to new enrollees and there will be no 2-weeks notification given. (The reason is that we need to maintain our teachers and staff and will still be paid regularly)**

***Late Pick-Up Fee:  One ($1) dollar per minute late for the first 10 minutes and $40.00 per hour thereafter.  If you think you will be late to pick up your child, please inform us in advance so that we can designate a teacher to stay with your child***

****The hours time granted by any early child care subsidiaries such as Pathways, and  DCFS only applies to regular schedule, Monday to Friday from 7AM to 6PM and Part Time variable hours granted by them will be expended 11 hours per day regardless if the child does not use the full 7AM to 6PM daily hours. On evening and weekend hours, the tuition rates are still per the TABLE listed above.  

Be reminded that your provider may not cover the full cost of the tuition fees and you will be responsible to pay for any deficits or remaining balance. Contact your provider to accommodate your needs****

Please call us or visit the admin office for more information!